Natural Dyeing

Sounds like so much fun.. but how do I start?

Dyeing with natural materials: what is it?

When you take a walk through your garden or in the woods, consciously or unconsiously you have probably walked past a number of plants or trees that could give your yarn or silk scarf a beautiful colour!

Natural dyes are dyes of colorants derived from plants or minerals. Most of the natural dyes are vetegable dyes from plant sources.

Are you interested in dyeing with natural products and do you want to experiment? We will give you some basics so that you can get started, as well with our dried dyeing material as perhaps with plants from your own area!



Fibers and Fabrics are the base material you can dye with your dyes. 


Dyeables take the dye better when they are treated with a mordant.



Dyes are the materials that bring colour to your fibers or fabrics. 


For dyeing you need old pans, glass jars and old clothes.


Natural dyeing can seem overwhelming sometimes. If you want to dive in straight away and learn as you go we advice you to consider our Oogst Sampler Starterkit. This set contains three dyes and a plethora of materials to dye with these three dyes. You get step-by-step instructions that walk you through the process and it serves as a primer on natural dyeing. 

Oogst Natural Dyeing Starterkit

Get Started with Natural Dyeing

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