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Oogst Natural Dyes

Oogst dyes are derived from nature hence their name "Oogst" which is the Dutch word for "Harvest". Many of them are plant based with only a few being made from animal or mineral material.

Natural dyes are the oldest method of dyeing and were used thousands of years before the modern industrial chemical dyeing processes were invented. These dyes have a rich tradition and a broad range of application.

What makes natural dyes special is that the dyes combine with the materials in ever-changing ways so that your result is always suprising. This is good if you are an artist but bad if you want to dye hundreds of sofa's in the same colour. Thus natural dyes are now an artform rather than part of the industrial process.

13 different Dyeing Materials

The Oogst natural dyes range contains 13 different dyes. These range from commonly used such as Indigo and Madder to more exotic such as Anato and Alkanet.

Where possible we try to get certifications for the dyes such as our GOTZ certificate for Indigo. Due to the bulk nature of these goods it is not always simple or possible to get this done but we promise to keep pressuring our producers to certify to the best sustainability and responsibility standards.

The range was started based on the needs of natural dyers in the Benelux Area (north-western Europe) and thus we can cater to most of your needs. If there is a dye or mordant that you are missing you can always contact us, we are constantly watching out to improve our product lines.

You will find a list of our dyes below:

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